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17 Aug


Guaranteed Data Security

17 August 2016 | By |


We understand how sensitive personal and health information is, so we take certain steps to ensure that the data that your patients enter is always safe.


Preadmit uses Amazon’s secure local servers, guaranteeing that your data does not even leave Sydney. We also make sure that Amazon’s strict regulations are always followed, including a stringent policy on backup redundancy, so you are never in danger of losing your data.


With phising scams being prevalent (these are scams trying to gain access to sites containing sensitive data) so in line with best security practices, Preadmit is about to roll out 2 step authentication. This means upon logging into Preadmit, users will be asked to enter a unique code delivered by SMS. With two step authentication, even if your login credentials have been compromised, the intruder would need the unique SMS code delivered to your mobile.


So that Preadmit is always adhering to the best secruity practices, we engage in regular third party audits.