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05 Sep


Frequently Asked Questions

5 September 2016 | By |

Frequently Asked Questions



Can the Patient Portal look and feel like our hospital website?
Yes, you can add your logo and customise some of the wording on your patient portal. You can also choose from 4 of our themes: blue, green, red and purple.

Can my patients complete there form from their smartphone or tablets i.e. ipad?
They sure can. The Patient Portal is a website that is responsive and adapts to different size screens, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

How much does it cost?
You can trial Preadmit for free and if you decide to implement it for your facility, then it can cost as little as $1.70 for each submitted admission form. You can see the pricing tiers here.

Will it cost me a credit if the patient starts a form but doesnt complete it, i.e. doesn’t submit the form?
Good question, no it will not use up a credit. Preadmit will only use up a credit once the patient submits the form. If the patient starts a form and forgets about it or doesn’t feel comfortable using the Patient Portal and then ends up completing a paper admission form, this will not use up a credit.

Will my credits expire?
No, your credits will never expire.

What happens if I have no credits? Can my patients still submit their admission form?
Sorry, but your patients will not be able to submit their admission forms. There are two scenerios to consider here:

1. You have no credits left, if a patient attempts to start a new admission form, they will see a message saying “Technical error, please contact the facility”. They will not get a message saying, there are no credits, and Preadmit will send the hospital admin an email letting them know of the issue.
2. You have one credit left, and John Citizen starts his admission form and saves it with the intent to complete it later tonight, then Jane Citizen logs in and starts her admission form (Jane can start her admission form, because the credit is only deducted once the form is submitted not when it is started), let’s say Jane submits her form right then and there. Unfortunately for John, if you have no more credits, when John tries to submit his admission form, it will say “Technical error, please contact the facility” and the hospital admin will get an email advising of the issue.
Once the credits have been topped up, John can then submit his form, John will not have lost any data, as long as John saved his form.

How do I order credits and how quickly can they be applied to my hospital account for patients to use?
You can order credits from your Hospital Portal at any time. As soon as you place the order and process payment via credit card online, the credits will be applied to your hospital account instantly. You will receive an email at the same time with the invoice attached.

How secure is my patient data?
We take security seriously. Below are just a few of the security precautions we have taken:

  • Our hosting is provided by Amazon, here in Sydney, so you can feel comfortable your data is protected by Australian regulations.
  • We use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking.
  • We are in the processes of introducing 2-step authentication, to add another layer of security.
  • If you or someone else attempts to login to your Hospital Portal and fails, after the fifth time, Preadmit will add a capture image to the login process. After 5 failed attempts with the capture, your Hospital portal will be suspended for 5 minutes. This, whilst frustrating if it is you that has forgotten your password, is a small price to pay to deter and slow down any unwanted intruders.
  • All successful and failed login attempts are logged, so we have audit trails of entry point.
  • Easily add or revoke access to others in the facility, so you don’t have to all share the same Hospital portal account.
  • Security is an ongoing process, not a one-time event — we continually review and introduce new processes and defences.

What if I need to change my admission form?
No problem. First, make the edits on your paper version, then make the necessary changes to the questions from your Hospital Portal. The last step is to let us know so we can layer the answers over a PDF version of your admission form.

What about the consent form? How does that get sent to the facility from the rooms?
Since the doctor is not with the patient while the patient is completing their admission form online, we are currently recommending that the consent form still be done in the rooms using paper. This consent form is given to the rooms reception, then reception send in bulk these consent forms to the facility, either via fax or post.
The consent can be given to the patient and the patient can upload a scanned copy of the consent form while submitting their admission form online. But for some patients scanning the consent form might be a little too much extra work.