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Preadmit will export the data the patient submitted in XML format and the completed admission form (PDF) and any uploaded documents will be included in a zip.

Each form will have a unique ID, which is within the XML and the admission form and supporting documents, will be prefixed with this unique ID.

Methods Supported GET
Description Allows user to export forms in .xml format and attachments in .zip file


Elements for Get Patient Forms

Parameters Is Mandatory? Description Example
(Authentication Key)
Yes Authenticates the hospital

You can get the hospitals key from the Hospital portal in the Settings menu.

IncludeExported (Exported / Non exported) Yes Boolean to describe if form status exported / not exported i.e. true/false False
Date No Form submitted Date (From Date – To Date  : DD/MM/YYYY) 01/09/2015-01/10/2015


Response elements returned – JSON response

Parameters Description
ResponseID Preadmit identifier
ResponseStatus Type of response i.e Success, Fail, NoRecords
Message “Forms exported successfully”(if response status “Success”)
(if success then only success message displayed and .xml file and .zip file download option will be displayed)
“Authentication fails” or “Error in Export. Please contact Administrator” etc. (if response status “Fail”)
“No Forms Exported” (if response status “NoRecords”)
FormsCount 10 (if 10 new forms submitted)


Success response example

“ResponseID”: “R006”,
“ResponseType”: “Success”,
“Message”: “Forms exported successfully”,


Instead of .xml file, one .zip file download option will be displayed which contains .xml file of forms and attachments folder including files.


Failure response example (if Authentication fails)

“ResponseType”: “Fail”,
“Message”: “Invalid Authentication Key”,

No Records response example

“ResponseID”: “R006”,
“ResponseType”: “NoRecords”,
“Message”: “No Forms Exported”,