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13 May


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Preadmit – Patient Portal Redesign

13 May 2020 | By | No Comments

Our team has been hard at work, redesigning how the patients complete their forms. We are happy to announce that we will be updating on Friday evening, 15th of May 2020 and will go LIVE on Saturday, 16th of May 2020. (Portals will be down for about 1-2 hrs, we will also put the alert on the top of PreAdmit so patients know)

Take a look below for all features we have improved on:

Customise your themes
We have changed the way themes work on our PreAdmit. The 4 old themes have been replaced by a customisable colour system, that allows you to choose 2 different colours to make your PreAdmit look like your own. Give us a call to assist setting up your new themes.


Updated Login Screens
We have reworked the login screens by making it more user friendly. We have also made Create an Account the default page as most patients that come to PreAdmit are first time users.


Download / Reuse Form
The Download and ‘Reuse’ Form feature has been improved to make it easier to use.


Our main goal for PreAdmit was to be able to use any device to complete your forms, so we made it happen with this update! PreAdmit is now easier to use on all devices from phones to desktop devices.

Multi Forms
A new feature a lot of you have been asking for is the ability to have more then one form. Now you can have forms specific to a particular procedure, or even a post-procedure survey form. Please contact us if you would like to add additional forms to your PreAdmit.


Before you Begin 
We have also added a “Before you Begin” page that will pop up before a patient starts a new form. This page will give the patient a quick run down of the information they’ll need to complete the form. We have set a default message, but the good news is that you can customise this message under Settings > Before you Begin page of your Hospital Portal. Let us know if you need assistance in updating this.


Updated Feedback System
The feedback system has also been updated to be a 5 star rating system giving the patient more options to choose from.


We have also added and fixed some features that your patients have left to us, please take a look below:

– Tables questions (Medications, allergies, etc) are now smarter and more intuitive, so no more patients getting stuck on these types of questions.
– There is a new “Need Help?” button in the top left of the screen, which will display the hospital contact details if they are in need of help.
– Redesigned form now makes it easier to know what question the patient is up to.

25 Jul


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Patient Feedback – Now Live On Your Admission Forms

25 July 2018 | By | No Comments

We had a lot of requests from facilities wanting patients to be able to submit feedback on how they found the online form experience.

Perhaps a field like “Middle name” is set to mandatory and not all patients have a middle name, or maybe they found the form difficult and too long. The patient feedback section will allow patients to explain what they didn’t like or what they did like.

Once a patient is logged into the patient portal, they will see a little “Feedback” button on the right hand side, allowing them to rate the online service and also leave a comment.


The patient feedback will be emailed to the facility instantly, and you will know which patient submitted with details such as name and email.

Give the patient feedback a try, let us know if you like how it works, and definitely encourage patients to give it a go!

15 Jun


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Credits Email Notification Update

15 June 2018 | By | No Comments

We added a ‘Credits’ email notification section as we realised that the person responsible for purchasing more credits wasn’t the same person that needed to be notified everytime a new Preadmit form had been received.

From the Settings Menu > Notification Email Settings, you can add the appropriate emails regarding credits, so you don’t accidentally miss you credit notifications and run out of Preadmit credits.


The following emails will be sent to those in the Credits Notifications section:

  • When credits purchased
  • When credits low – 1st alert
  • When credits low – 2nd alert
  • When patient attempt to submit a predmit form but no credits left

01 May


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Header for Extra Pages Added

1 May 2018 | By | No Comments

All extra pages generated by Preadmit now comes with a header that displays the patient’s name and DOB. For example, when patients enter more rows in tables than what the PDF provides space for, Preadmit generates a separate page to list all entries in the table. The patient name and DOB now appears at the top right handside of that extra sheet.

27 Apr


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BMI Field Now Available

27 April 2018 | By | No Comments

Preadmit can now add the patients BMI to the PDF. We will need to add 2 fields for the patient to complete their weight and height (in cms) and then when Preadmit generates the PDF we will calculate the BMI. If you would like the BMI added to your PDF, send us an email and we will edit your PDF.

15 Feb


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Self Choice in Relationship to Patient

15 February 2018 | By | No Comments

There is a second ‘Relationship to Patient’ dropdown that includes “Self” as a choice. This will be appropriate for questions such as Contributor, while the dropdown that does not include “Self” will be appropriate for questions like Next of Kin.

12 Feb


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Indigenous Status for WA

12 February 2018 | By | No Comments

A new primary dropdown is available called ‘Indigenous Status for WA’, which does not include an option for “Unknown” as this is not an allowed choice in Western Australia, but is in other states.

21 Nov


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Preadmit Security

21 November 2016 | By | No Comments

As part of our dedication to continuous improvement and best practices, we recently hired a third-party security expert to assess our processes. While our servers are already secure enough, one of the recommendations to strengthen our security was to introduce two-step authentication to Preadmit. Read More